Deciding Between a New or Used Vehicle for Your Business

Is your livery service looking for a new vehicle? Depending on the type of service you offer, it may be a tough decision choosing between a new and used vehicle to add to your fleet. Since customer satisfaction is one of your primary goals, it’s tough to settle for anything less than the best. Here is a breakdown of new and used vehicles:

• New: A brand new vehicle obviously comes in mint condition with the freshest amenities. Not only will you be getting the latest model, but you’ll also be getting a vehicle in the best shape that isn’t likely to breakdown anytime soon. Cost is obviously always a concern with a new vehicle and it’s likely you will have to make monthly payments as oppose to paying for it all at once.

• Used: You will always find a used vehicle for a great price, but is it actually worth it? If your business is struggling and adding another vehicle is of utmost important, than going used may not be a bad idea. But keep in mind that a used vehicle comes with some wear and tear—internally and externally—that may turn some customers off. However, many used vehicles are in great shape and look just as new regardless.

The decision between buying a new or used vehicle for your livery business is obviously difficult, which is why weighing the pros and cons is necessary. Whatever your decision, you’ll want to be sure you get the proper livery insurance that will respond in the event that the vehicle is damaged. Our limo insurance agency recommends doing what is best for your business, so contact us today if you have any additional questions!


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