What is the Livery Exchange?

We developed the Livery Exchange program in response to a clear need in Massachusetts for a voluntary livery market. At the time, CAR controlled over 90%of the business in this state. Since then, we have had tremendous success in depopulating the Massachusetts marketplace and offering our carriers a good book of profitable business. We have since expanded the program to all the New England States and we are now one of the largest in the Northeast.

The Livery Exchange aims to offer our clients a competitive price, unparalleled services, and a chance to control their destiny in the insurance marketplace.

Why the Livery Exchange Makes Sense!

Our Agency has had a long history of success in the transportation industry and we are offering you the opportunity to access the components of our other successful programs. The Livery Exchange program addresses the two important criteria that you need for a successful program over the long run:

Safety: We can help ensure that your program remains profitable because no matter how many companies an agency represents, an unprofitable program will not last. The services offered by Fleet Safety Services, which include our “LOSS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM”, are an essential component of this program, and help assure that the program will remain stable and successful.

Claims Management: The best way to control the profitability and long-term stability of a program is to control the outflow of claims dollars. While some claims cannot be affected, we feel that immediate post-accident response and aggressive adjusting will control much of the expense. For example, we identified two areas of weakness in the LIVERY program. The first was that the claims dollars spent on the glass portion seemed excessive according to our investigation. The second was that the subrogation was taking too long and was not consistently being done. We have since implemented “fixes” for both of these issues, and we anticipate that they will result in direct annual savings for our clients.

Who does the Field Underwriting?

Wolpert Insurance Agency

Wolpert Insurance Agency brings over fifty years of underwriting and risk management expertise dealing with the transportation business. We represent many different insurance companies, and as transportation specialists we have the credibility to negotiate better deals on your behalf, and to better weather the inevitable market downturns that we all face.

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