Umbrella Coverage

When you own a livery business, liability issues are everywhere – and there are many types of accidents that might cause someone to present you with a lawsuit. Umbrella insurance policies may help protect you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies. This policy literally offers to put your company under their umbrella in an effort to provide an additional layer of coverage, subject to the policy terms and conditions, in the event that you exceed the liability coverage limits on specific insurance lines.

Typically, it’s the umbrella liability policy that companies turn to when searching for an added layer of protection over other policies that you might hold, such as general liability and employer’s liability. In the livery business, it really is crucial to have extended umbrella insurance in Massachusetts and everywhere else in New England.

Within the livery businesses, the most significant liability exposure is driving on work related business. If you or an employee end up causing bodily injury or property damage, the cost to your company could be staggering. That’s why your livery business should consider umbrella insurance. Massachusetts livery companies, and companies throughout New England should consider this coverage.

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