Livery Safety During Prom Season in the Wake of the California Limo Fire

The fatal limousine fire in California last month has had many limo companies, passengers, and others concerned, especially with prom season in full swing. Although the investigation is ongoing regarding how the fire started, it is possible that such an incident could happen to one of your own vehicles. This is why it is important always put safety first, and with the support of Wolpert Insurance, you can remain protected even during the most unpredictable of times with our livery insurance.

A statistic from the U.S Department of Transportation reveals that 21 people in three separate accidents in 2011 died from fatalities in limos. You don’t want your business to be part of this data. However, this fact and the recent accident makes it understandable why parents are worried about their children heading off to one of their biggest nights in high school in a limo.

As the owner of a livery, you should establish trust with your customers. Make sure they clearly understand that safety comes first and foremost. This is especially true when transporting minors. Your drivers should also be thoroughly trained to deal with emergency situations to avoid accidents, injuries, and issues similar to that in California.

You can also encourage parent participation by allowing them to ask questions of your services. Provide them with all the answers they need so they may have peace of mind come prom day. These inquiries should happen before booking vehicle.

Other passengers may also be concerned with the way a limo is constructed and how it is so different from a regular automobile. Its spacious and luxurious interior can make any prom memorable, but it should also be comfortable and safe. When a vehicle is stretched, this changes a lot of features. The handling capacity and dynamics are altered, which makes the risks heightened on the road. Being aware and prepared for the hazards your livery fleet could face is important in keeping everyone safe. With the support of our agents, you can learn to understand exactly what type of livery insurance coverage you need to mitigate your risks efficiently.

Finally, you can let your clients know that your limos that carry more than eight people are inspected annually by the state of Massachusetts. Establishing preventative maintenance as well as having fire extinguishers and sufficient warning devices will make for a secure ride. No matter what season it is, continue to develop your safety strategy to prevent anything from happening on the road.

What exactly is the e-hail App?

Have you heard of the e-hail app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the iTunes App store? Just a few weeks ago, the Uber created app was launched in New York City, which became the first legal e-hail app for livery vehicles. However, a judge ordered it to be paused. The one year pilot program came with lots of criticism and hesitation, as different groups representing livery businesses sued the city to prevent the app’s start. Although the program was stopped recently, that doesn’t mean it will be gone forever. Or stay in New York City for that matter.

The reason livery car companies are uneasy about the potential impact on their business is because e-hail is a pre-arranged service. This causes a problem because certain livery vehicles are not allowed to provide pre-arranged service, according to city rules. This is why a judge ordered an injunction against the program so issues could be reviewed and solved.

If the Uber app was to become legal again, it would end the days of customers standing at the corner, flailing their arms for a ride. Instead, they could simply use the app to see who is available within a 1.5-mile radius and reserve the car. As of now, Uber won’t charge any added fees and users only pay the rate on the meter, but it is hard to say if that will change later on.

Even Mayor Bloomberg endorsed the app, saying, “The launch of Uber’s service is great news for New Yorkers and visitors to our city who want to quickly and conveniently get a ride.” He continued to say in an effort to improve livery service, the program helps to add safety and regulations, which has been the goal of the city for some time.

At Wolpert Insurance, we understand that the evolving world of technology may seem confusing to some livery business owners. However, as services become enhanced, it is important to stay on top of the changes and your protection. With the Livery Exchange Program, your auto insurance coverage is built right in and protects all of your limos and all the vehicles in your fleet. We are experts in livery insurance, and work only with companies who know and value the livery industry!