Safety Best Practices for Limo Drivers

Being confident in the ability of your drivers is an important aspect of owning a limo service, but are your employees aware of the best practices for keeping everyone safe while they are behind the wheel? Your business is a client based service, but you’re also in charge of their safety and well-being, and if you fail in either of these areas you could be subject to liability claims on your limo insurance policy. Here are some tips for limo driver safety you can share with your employees:

• Staying alert: When driving any vehicle it’s important to concentrate and notice all of your surroundings. However, since you have customers you need to pay extra attention to what’s going on around you. Additionally, no driver should get behind the wheel if they feel tired or fatigued.
• Intersection Etiquette: Many vehicle accidents occur at intersections whether it’s two-way, three-way or four-way. Your drivers should understand the right of way rules at intersections to avoid any costly and damaging collisions.
• Obeying the speed limit: This should be a no-brainer, but it’s imperative you drill this into your driver’s brains. If you any of your employees are involved in an accident as the result of speeding our potential liability is significantly increased which could lead to larger settlements and significantly higher premiums.
• Distracted driving: No professional driver should ever be distracted while on the road. Whether it’s using a cell phone, eating or drinking, driving is meant to be done with two hands, not one. Drivers who use handheld devices while driving are four more times likely to be involved in accident!
• Following too closely: Since limos have increased stopping distances when compared to a regular vehicle, rear end collisions are quite common. Always follow at a safe distance and extend that distance as your speeds increase.
• Sideswiping: Because of the awkward turn radius of the extended limousines, sideswiping is an accident that is all too commonplace.. Be sure to properly train your drivers by using cones and simulations so that they understand the mechanics and the feel of how limos move.

As one of the leading livery insurance agencies, we understand the risk limo companies face on a daily basis which is why we specialize in helping businesses like yours continue to operate safely. Feel free to give us a call today and request a quote!


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