Advertising Creatively for Your Livery Business!

With over 100 livery businesses in the Massachusetts area, many must be trying to advertise to their local communities. How can you do while also standing out from the crowd? Why not try using graphics and printed messages on your livery vehicles.

Using print display marketing on your fleet can be a very cost-effective way to advertise your business. No matter where you are traveling, whether the city or the suburbs, lots of people will see your vehicle. By having a marketing message right on the car, you can engage the community within seconds and have them remember your business’ name next time they need service. This sort of advertising must be creative and artistic, but remember not to make it cluttered. You only have so much space on your vehicles. Here are some tips for your graphics to stand out from the rest:

Make sure the text you use is clear and easy to read. The last thing you want to happen is a collision due to obnoxious text.
Use only the most important contact information within the graphic. This can include an email, telephone number, location, or even social media account titles.
Decide where you will put the advertisement on the vehicle. This can be either on the left or right side or the back of the livery car.
Don’t put too much information within the graphic or your message won’t come across correctly.
Avoid complicated designs. This can make it difficult to reprint and put onto other vehicles later on.
Don’t use dark colors on dark vehicles. Instead, use vibrant colors for contrast.
By formulating a strategy for a dynamic and well thought out graphic, you can attract the attention of lots of people. At Wolpert Insurance, we want you to keep in mind that safety always comes first. Don’t put a design on the vehicle that is overwhelming or that could cause a driving distraction. If you feel your business may require protection from unpredictable risks on the road, our livery insurance may be what you need. Contact us today for more information!

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