The Power of Marketing Your Livery Company Online

Whether your new livery company is just taking off or business has reached a slow point, marketing is always a good tactic to jump-start business again. There is plenty of ways you can market and advertise your services on the internet these days; are you ready to get started?

Here are five ways your company can use online marketing techniques to its advantage:

#1: Social media: It’s time to jump on the Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn bandwagon. Tweet and share company news on these social sites and connect with the community.

#2: Blogging: Giving your clients an “inside look” at your company will not only build better relationships but may also boost your company’s page rank on the search engines. Make sure you keep content fresh, relevant and interesting!

#3: E-mail Campaigns: This is a great way to connect with your clients on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis. A good strategy would be to send coupons, promotions and other great deals to clients who sign up for them.

#4: Newsletters: Let customers know what is going on in terms of company news. This constant contact will keep customers coming to your site and keep your brand fresh in your consumers’ minds.

#5: SEO strategy: A search engine optimization strategy is a great way to boost traffic to your website and in turn, sales. Keep content on your site relevant, well written and keyword-rich.

Branding your company online is an excellent way for your livery business to beat even the worst recession. We hope you take these tips and put them to good use… you may see a spike in business sooner than later! Once your clientele begins to grow again, do not hesitate to contact our agency, too. We would be happy to go over your coverage and make sure you are 100% protected.


What You Need to Know About Hiring Chauffeurs, Part 2

Last week, we went over the first few pieces of advice to consider when hiring new chauffeurs. This week, we have five more tips to share! It is your duty to hire top drivers who will be dedicated and responsible. The better the employee, the fewer claims you may find your company facing.

According to, it is important to:

#1: Implement a background check to make sure candidates do not have any records worth knowing.

#2: Consider the candidates attitude, personality and overall appearance. You want drivers who are social, personable and enthusiastic. These are the types of drivers who will be favored and preferred! Does the candidate smile? Does the candidate look you in the eye? Do they carry themselves professionally? These are all things to look for and make a note of.

#3: Conduct a safety assurance assessment by running a drug test, criminal background check, road test, post-employment offer medical examination, etc.

#4: Implement a driver training program that includes everything from customer service to defensive driving.

#5: Understand that a bad hire may cost your company, from increased recruiting costs, stretched administrative resources to increases insurance claims costs due to poor driving skills and other bad habits. Finding the right chauffeurs for the job will make all the difference.

As always, remember that the more chauffeurs you hire for the job, the more coverage you may need, from workers compensation to group benefits. At Wolpert Insurance, we are here to provide your business with the most comprehensive and affordable livery insurance policies. Contact us for more information, today!


What You Need to Know About Hiring Chauffeurs, Part 1

Are you looking to hire chauffeurs this summer? While many businesses do not have to put much thought behind their hires, the livery industry is different. It is important to find top-drivers who are not only capable of such a large responsibility, but are also polite and personable. It may seem impossible, but we are here to share a few secrets to finding the best candidates. Just remember: the more employees you hire, the more likely it is that your limousine insurance will need to be updated!

Here are five pieces of advice to take into consideration from

#1: The company employment manual should include a description of hiring policies and procedures.

#2: All candidates must fill out an employment application. Analyze how this is done: Is it messy? Does it seem rushed? Are their answers thorough and well thought out? These can all serve as clues as to whether or not this person is organized or serious about the position.

#3: Have you thoroughly read the candidate’s resume and cover letter? It is important to know your facts before going into the interview.

#4: Prepare yourself for the interview. You may think the candidate is the one who should be prepared… think again! It is important that you have a brief summary of the company ready to share, as well as an in-depth description of the job. You should also have a list of interview questions ready to go (Tell us about yourself; Do you have previous experience as a chauffeur; Why do you consider yourself a good candidate; Etc.)

#5: Consider having another staff member interview the candidate (senior chauffeur, senior dispatcher, etc.) If you are looking to find out how the candidate takes care of their own vehicle, have the staff member walk the candidate out to their car in the parking lot.

The more chauffeurs you continue to hire, the more coverage you may need. Be sure to contact our experts at Wolpert Insurance. We would be more than happy to discuss your limousine insurance needs, from employment liability insurance to group medical, health, life and disability.

Until then, be sure to come back next week for another set of hiring best practices!


Work Well With Your Competitors for Major Success

Due to the rough economy, many livery vehicle operators are forced to find new ways to profit. Even the most successful drivers are seeing a decrease in revenue and overall business. As a result, many drivers may be teaming up with competitors to both preserve and promote business, according to Have you considered this option?

As your dedicated livery insurance providers, our agency would like to share a few tips for those who may be considering this new way of doing business. In order for it to work, it is important that you work well and fair with your competitors. You must:

• Understand that your competitor is YOUR client, since you are transporting its client. You must represent the company that is giving you work.

• Both you and your competitor must come to an understanding in terms of credit, payment and cancellations. In order to work together, you must always be on the same page.

• Trust your competitor. This may be hard, but it must be done in order to work out. If you have a “bad feeling” about this situation, it may be best to pass. The last thing you want is to lose business because your competitor solicited your clients!

• Find a competitor who works in a similar way as you do, especially in terms of vehicle choice, equipment, training and standards.

• Go over coverage and make sure both you and your competitor are properly covered in the event of an accident, issue, mishap, etc.

• Form an agreement with the other company. It is important to not let your competition affect customers and their experience.

If both you and your competitor work well together, this plan just may end up saving both of your businesses!

Just remember: it is still important to keep up with your own livery insurance plan. In fact, this new way of working may actually call for a change in your coverage. Be sure to contact our agents at Wolpert Insurance for more information. Even the slightest changes may affect your coverage; and you wouldn’t want coverage gaps, would you?


These days, it seems that all different types of businesses are jumping on the “Go Green!” bandwagon. As a professional in the livery field, you can do the same! The first step: purchase hybrid fleet vehicles. While this may be a large investment, it will pay off in the long run. To take your green initiative a step further, you should “adopt a sustainable, carbon neutral business model” according to Pat Charla, creator of the Limousine Environmental Action Partnership (LEAP).

While we may be your go-to for all livery and limo insurance questions and needs, we are also here to help you build your business and clientele. Here are a few ways to better market your green initiatives, according to LEAP:

• Get social with your clients! Make the most of your social media presence by educating your fans and followers on the importance of going green. You can provide astonishing fast facts or share news about your green efforts.

• Register yourself as a certified green company on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. Of course, you must meet the requirements.

• Advertise while on the go! Have your chauffeurs wear green pins and attire. You can also advertise your efforts in your company logo or stick a decal on your vehicles’ windows.

Besides giving your business a competitive advantage over other livery services, going green may also result in a safer work environment for you, your employees and your clients.

Once you start to successfully market your new and improved green business, you may notice a spike in the number of clients you serve. Just remember: more clients and business may mean more coverage. For more information on how your livery and limo insurance may be affected, contact our agency. We would be happy to re-evaluate your risk and liability exposures and ensure that you are 100% protected from the worst case scenario.

Happy going green!