How to Snag Corporate Work as a Limousine Operator

Are you looking to move up in the livery business? You should be! Livery drivers should always be looking for ways to improve their status and reputation. A great way to start building your reputation is to snag corporate work. Just remember, as your business grows, so will your livery insurance policies.

Before we discuss coverage, we would like to go over a few tips that may help you build relationships with the big guys. The most important thing to remember: make a good first impression. Putting together proposal package is important and may make all the difference. In order to make a good impression, you should:

• Provide a package that includes details as to why you should get the job, regardless of what your pricing is! Make yourself stand apart from the rest.

• Include details about the history of your company, how you hire and your training procedures. You must market yourself as a true professional. You must be able to deliver what the client needs.

• Use the appropriate font on your proposal, such as bolded letters and headlines. You want the important titles and information to stand out.

• Find a way to use a creative layout to draw attention to specific types of clients.

Hopefully, these tips will have you snagging corporate work in no time! Once you do, your clientele is sure to grow.

Just remember, as you continue to grow as a livery operator, so will your coverage. Be sure to speak with our experts at Wolpert Insurance for more information on industry-specific policies, such as automobile insurance, workers compensation, occupational accident insurance, EPLI, group automobile programs and much more. We would be happy to provide you with a free livery insurance quote, too!

3 Primary Types of Negligence That Will Affect Subrogation

Last week, our blog focused on the term subrogation. To quickly recap, subrogation means that “a livery insurance company can pursue a claim with the responsible or adverse parties for deductibles, additional damages, or most importantly, the loss of revenues from the time needed to repair or replace a livery vehicle” ( This week, we want to discuss the three primary types of negligence that will affect subrogation.

Negligence may be an issue before you can collect, depending on who is deemed at fault (and by how much). This will determine how much you will end up collecting. Each state has a different set of laws concerning negligence, but there are three primary types to be aware of:

#1: Modified comparative negligence: Those who are involved in an accident and more than 51% negligent are NOT entitled to recovery.

#2: Pure comparative negligence: Even if you are 70% negligent, you can still receive 30% of the damage amount from the offending party.

#3: Contributory negligence: Even if you are 1% at fault, you CANNOT recover for damages. This is the most extreme form of negligence!

Remember: negligence can be decided informally unless the case goes to trial. If this happens, the jury would decide.

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure that whatever the case is, you are properly covered with livery insurance. We are ready to serve New Englanders and offer comprehensive limo and livery solutions. Feel free to contact us for a free quote today!

What is Subrogation and Why Should You Know about It?

As your livery insurance experts, we believe that it is important for our clients to know the ins and outs of insurance. This week, we would like to focus on a specific insurance term: subrogation.

What is subrogation?

To put it in simple terms, according to, subrogation means “an insurance company can pursue a claim with the responsible or adverse parties for deductibles, additional damages, or most importantly, the loss of revenues from the time needed to repair or replace a livery vehicle.”

It is also important to know that before you can collect on a subrogation claim, there is an issue of negligence. The amount you end up collecting depends on who is at fault and by how much. Be sure to come back next week to learn about the three primary types of negligence.

At Wolpert Insurance, we are devoted to providing you with relevant industry information and news. We are also dedicated to providing you with the best protection policy! Our unique livery insurance program is specifically designed to cover the risks that you face as a livery operator.


ATTENTION LIVERY OPERATORS: Learn to Advertise Your Special Services!

As a livery vehicle operator, it is important to make a name for yourself. Last week, we discussed affiliate networks and how you can expand your business through them. This week, we would like to discuss a few effective ways you can advertise your special services. By doing so, you may find your business raking in new clients.

New clients equal business growth! Of course, a growth in your services and clientele will most likely mean a change in your livery insurance policy, but we can discuss that later. First, we have a few tips for when you go to put together a professional package to showcase to interested clients or other livery professionals.

The contents of this package should include:

• A one-page document providing a brief overview of your company and services. You can discuss how long you have been in business and any other information that you feel may be relevant or helpful.

• A breakdown of pricing and services. The costs are always the most important to potential clients. This is your chance to show how your company’s pricing and services set you apart from the rest of your competition!

• A description of your hiring, training and maintenance techniques. This breakdown will help you showcase your professionalism and ensure clients that they will be in good hands.

• Any specialized services that may set you apart from the rest. Thoroughly describe them in detail!

• Airport service information (if you offer it.)

If you put this package together carefully and properly, your livery business is sure to come off as professional, thus making an impression on new clients!

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to see you succeed and grow, even in hard economic times. If you find your company growing at a consistent speed, do not forget to visit our agency. Any changes in growth may mean it is time for a change in your livery insurance policy. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are looking for a free quote!