Is Your Livery Service Tech-Savvy?

As a livery service, your goal is to get your customers from one place to another in a timely fashion. In addition, you want to make their ride as comfortable and smooth as possible. However, as more and more riders become tech-savvy, it can be beneficial for your business to do the same. What can you do to attract more customers while catering to their fast paced needs?

A recent trend that is catching on amongst city dwellers is using a car sharing service. Why? Because many feel it is a similar experience to riding in a friend’s car. This business model of ride sharing emerged from the smartphone revolution, specifically appealing to the younger generations. For example, one customer was amazed by the fact that he had his choice of music, a cold drink, and a welcoming atmosphere. Although this is a taxi-like service using a private vehicle, your business can still create a similar experience for your community.

Here are some tips on how your livery service can become more tech-savvy:

Commit to using social media. This outlet is a way for you business to really connect with your local audience. If they see you are making an effort to connect, from your marketing strategy to answering questions and addressing concerns, they will trust your services.
Hire professional drivers who not only have an understanding of the local area, but can relate to your younger customer base.
Install music devices which allow the passengers to take control of what they are listening to.
Pay attention to the interiors of your vehicles. Add comfortable seating, lights, fridges, and other devices that will make anyone’s ride enjoyable.
If you are looking to upgrade the riding experience for your customers, going a technological route is a good idea. At Wolpert Insurance, we hope these tips help you reach out to different demographics in order to expand your business. In addition, if you feel making these alterations requires more protection, we can assist you. Our agents are happy to guide you through the livery insurance process, where you can have a policy tailored to your needs. Contact us today at [[AsiPhone]] for more information!

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