Components of Limo Vehicle Maintenance

When you own a limo company you have a commitment and responsibility to make sure your vehicles are running smoothly. As a client based company, customer satisfaction is paramount to your success and since you transport many customers in your limousines, performing proper maintenance checks is necessary for safety. No limo service ever wants to go through the hassle of filing a claim on their livery insurance, right?

Limos are just like any other vehicle in that they require regular checkups under the hood. If you are trying to make sure your drivers are keeping customers and themselves safe, make sure they know what to check for when going over their limo’s maintenance issues. Here are some common things to look out for:

• Engine: It may be time to take your limo in for repairs if you or one of your drivers sense any issues occurring with the engine. Common engine issues you can expect to notice are difficulty starting the engine, rough idling, poor acceleration or when you see the “check engine” light on the dashboard.
• Steering problems: If you find yourself having difficulty controlling the steering wheel and keeping the vehicle straight, this may be attributed to worn steering components such as the idler arm or ball joints. Sometimes, the inability to affectively steer the vehicle may also be caused by deflated tires.
• Suspension: Shock absorbers that are too worn may cause a hindrance in your vehicles suspension which will subsequently affect your limo’s handling. The purpose of shock absorbers is to maintain contact between the wheels and the road, and when shocks get old or worn out, the risk of getting into an accident increases.
• Brakes: Brakes are perhaps the most fundamental aspect of vehicle safety. The status of your limo’s brakes should be routinely checked any time you take your car in for inspection or a tune up. If you’re ever driving one of your limos and you feel awkward tension when applying pressure to the brakes or hear scraping or grinding, it may be time to get them checked out.
• Lights: It is unacceptable to drive a commercial vehicle that has any light out, whether it’s a headlight or tail light. If you operate a limo when a light is out, you are more than likely to be pulled over. Your vehicle’s lights can be changed on your own or a professional can take care of it for you, no problem.

Properly dealing with the physical maintenance of your company’s limos is necessary in order to avoid any costly accidents and limo insurance claims down the road. If you have any more questions at all, feel free to consult with Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management and we’ll get you the answers you need.

Staying safe while transporting customers during the holidays

The holidays are a very busy time for limo services because there are so many drivers traveling to and from airports and train stations. Plenty of people are visiting friends and relatives during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are right around the corner and many limo companies like yours are gearing up for the sudden spike in customer traffic, but drivers beware: the holidays occur during a hazardous driving season and limo safety is the key to customer satisfaction and avoiding claims on your limo insurance.

In the winter is a dangerous time for all motorists, especially in Massachusetts and New England where the weather is unpredictable. Your drivers should have a keen sense of the difference between driving in late autumn and winter as oppose to other seasons, and if not they may end up being involved in an easily avoidable accident. Since your business is focused on customer safety and satisfaction, staying safe on the roads during the holidays should be the number one priority. Here are some tips and instances to look out for while serving customers during the holidays:

• On icy roads, always decrease speed and leave as much room as possible to stop. On normal roads, motorists must follow the “two second rule,” meaning you need to be staying two seconds behind the car in front of you. When the roads are icy, drivers should double that number to four seconds to ensure that they do not rear end the car in front of them.
• Drivers should always keep their lights on, even during the day time. New England winters include a lot of overcast skies and it also begins getting dark at around 4pm, so lights should be on no matter what.
• Clean windshields are necessary in order to maximize visibility if a sudden rain or snowfall occurs. Many times, motorists will get lazy and only clean the part of the windshield directly in front of them, However, in order to see all the way around, every single window needs to be cleaned of fog and ice.
• Keep your washer fluid full and even carry a spare gallon held securely in the truck. Often times winter salt will spray up from roadways causing reduced visibility. It is important to have correctly functioning wiper blades and washer fluid to keep your eyes focused on the road and not on windshield or wiper problems.

Your limo business is absolutely going to benefit by the holiday rush this season, but you don’t want it to end short by being involved in an avoidable accident or collision. It’s no secret that Massachusetts has some crazy weather from November to March, so make sure your drivers are prepared. For more