A Good Training Program Makes for a Better Premium

As the owner of a livery business, you should be no stranger to safety and training procedures. Running a safe and secure operation is important, from affecting the way a potential client will see your business to the way an insurance agent will assess your risks. By implementing an official training program, your business may be able to maintain an affordable livery insurance premium.

According to limo.org, a business owner could never train their chauffeurs enough. Here are just a few reasons why training is essential:

• Those who focus on training their chauffeurs will keep losses to a minimum.

• Fewer losses will pay off in the long run.

• Thorough training and mandatory driving courses may help lower the risk of an accident and/or educate your drivers on how to handle an accident.

• Having an active program in place may positively affect your premium.

• Your business will seem much more professional than one who does not have a training program intact.

If you are concerned about training, ask our agents. There are plenty of safety programs and seminars offered and our agency would be happy to help you find one the right one for your business.

For more information on our livery insurance program, contact our agency. We would be pleased to discuss your options and provide you with a free quote!


5 Factors Used to Calculate a Livery Insurance Premium

As the owner of a livery vehicle or business, you should always know what your money is going towards and why, especially when it comes to coverage! According to limo.org, there are usually five primary factors that are taken into consideration when calculating a livery insurance premium:

#1: The company. There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when it comes to general information about the company, including: location, how long your company has been in business, your management system, professionalism, etc.

#2: Maintenance program. Are the company vehicles well-kept? The less risky this area seems to be, the lower the premium may be. Such questions an insurance agency will consider include: Does the company maintain its own vehicles? Are the vehicles inspected often? Are the vehicles stored in a garage or safe place?

#3: Your chauffeurs. Trusty and professional chauffeurs will positively affect your premium. Insurance agencies may ask if you perform background checks, implement disciplinary rules and regulations and if you have put together an employee manual. They will probably ask if your drivers are considered employees covered by your workers compensation policy.

#4: Vehicles and clientele. Of course, the types of vehicles that your company is operating will play a huge role during this process. Also, do not be surprised if you are asked about the types of clients you are dealing with and the type of traveling they do.

#5: Overall reputation. The better your reputation is, the better your premium will ultimately be. Do you have a good loss record? Is your company considered a “good account?”

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

Our experts at Wolpert Insurance would be happy to look at your business and be sure that you are getting the most for your hard earned money. For a free livery insurance quote, contact us today!


Steps to Take in the Event of a Breakdown on the Highway

As a livery vehicle operator, it is important that you are able to tackle a variety of possible situations, from handling a breakdown on the highway to filing a livery insurance claim in the event of an accident. As your insurance experts, we are always here to help you file a claim, but we want to help you in other areas, too! That being said, today we want to focus on the steps you should take in the event of a breakdown on the highway.

First and foremost, it is important for all passengers to exit the vehicle. All passengers should get out of the vehicle and stand BEHIND the car. If you have passengers standing in FRONT of the vehicle, they may be at risk if another car hits the back of the vehicle by accident. The last thing you need is an injured person during this time.

Next, it is important that you use markers to alert traffic. You are required to have at least three markers in your vehicle for situations like this. Each marker must be properly spaced, especially if the breakdown has occurred near a hill. You must make your breakdown visible enough for other drivers!

At this point, you will need to call for a tow-truck. If you have a specific tow truck company you deal with, even better. If you will be waiting on the side of the road for quite some time, it may be best to contact another driver to pick up your passengers. Having back-up will look professional; your passengers are sure to appreciate this, especially if they are on a schedule!

Knowing what to do and having the necessities in your vehicle will make this entire process much easier. As for those necessities, you should be equipped with: three markers, shovel (for the winter), gloves, a spare tire, coats, blankets, etc. Having these on hand is sure to make breaking down a little less painful for both you and your passengers.

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you are ready to handle the worst case scenario. This is exactly why we are here to offer tips, advice and coverage. If you are interested in receiving a free livery insurance quote from us, do not hesitate to call! We would be more than happy to provide you with one or answer any questions you may have about the options we offer (from general liability to automobile coverage).

Learn to Protect Yourself Against Internet Scammers

Have you heard of internet scammers? As a livery vehicle operator, it is important for you to be aware of them. Believe it or not, but these scammers will represent themselves as “your company” by choosing a similar name and tarnish your reputation. This is a sure way to lose clients or even face a lawsuit (livery insurance anyone?)

However, according to limo.org, there are always ways to protect your business from this type of situation. Here are a few tips that may help protect your company from internet scammers:

• Scan major search engines to make sure nobody is poaching your company name. This should be done on a regular basis, or even daily!

• Check to see if there are any variations of your company name on the internet.

• For only $10 a year, you can register Web domains that are similar to your company’s name. This may help prevent a scam (and it is inexpensive!)

• Review your company listings to make sure you are being presented accurately (Yellow Pages ads, specialty websites, 411 operators, etc.)

It is also important to collect documentation that will help you prove that you are a legitimate and recognized business in your local community. This will come in handy if worst comes to worst and you must initiate legal action and defend your company’s name!

While you are checking the internet and search engines, now would also be a good time to read reviews of your company as well. There may be some bad mixed with the good, but it is important to be aware of what people are saying and how you can improve your business to satisfy your clients. If you are looking to add to the good reviews online, ask a satisfied client to write a review! This is a great way to build a name and good reputation for your business.

At Wolpert Insurance, we do not want to see your company fail or suffer due to a scam on the internet, or any unexpected issue for that matter! That is exactly why we are dedicated to providing your business with our unique livery insurance program. For more information, contact our experts today!