Obtaining a Livery Plate for Your Limousine

Are you looking to get your business going and get your limousine out on the road? Before you can do either, you must obtain a livery plate from the Massachusetts DMV.

As a livery operator in Massachusetts, you must acquire a special license plate (known as a livery plate.) A livery plate is designed for vehicles that are considered “limousines.” The term “limousine” typically means it is a luxury sedan, of either standard or extended length, with a seating capacity of no more than nine passengers, including the driver.

Once you have obtained your livery plate, you will want to get your vehicle out on the road. Before this can happen, you must obtain the right livery insurance. By having this coverage in place, you will be conveying proof of financial responsibility. The end result: a liability insurance certificate, an expiration date of your insurance policy and your vehicle identification number (VIN). Once you are all set, you will be good to go!

At Wolpert Insurance, we are experts in the livery department. Our agents are ready to work with you in order to secure your vehicle and get it out on the road as soon as possible. For more information, give us a call at 508-459-4700. We would be more than happy to provide your livery business with a free quote!

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