Common Coverages for Licensed Livery Operators

If you own a passenger vehicle – or manage a fleet of commercial limousines for that matter – there are a few steps to be completed before you head out on the open road; this includes registering your vehicle, choosing plates and looking into the appropriate livery insurance.

Before anything, it is important that you file necessary tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service in order to receive a tax identification number. Once you have done this, you can start the licensing process. Depending on the number of passengers you will be carrying, the prices will vary. For limos, depending upon your size – for example, if you have more than nine passenger seats – you will have an extra $100 application fee. Additionally, if you know that you will be driving over state lines, it is critical that you are aware of your need to receive the authorization from the Motor Carrier Board of the Federal Highway Administration. Next comes securing the necessary license plates. Choosing a plate for your livery vehicle is easy; you can even choose a vanity plate if you’d prefer.

However all the technical maintenance is taken care of, one of the most significant pieces of the process is protecting your vehicle with livery insurance. In Massachusetts, operators must maintain commercial automobile liability insurance. For interstate limousine drivers, the minimum for this policy is $1,500,000. All businesses that hire drivers are also required to carry workers compensation insurance. However livery insurance goes far beyond that and there are a host of technicalities and regulations.

What are some common insurance requirements to be a licensed and registered livery operator?

Livery operators are oftentimes required to file evidence of one or more types of insurance coverage to secure and maintain active operating authority; this includes proof of liability coverage. Depending on your insurance carrier and overall commercial operations, the minimum limits of coverage can vary.

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