Prom Season Has Arrived: Are You Covered with Livery Insurance?

Prom season is here! As a livery vehicle operator, you are most likely booked for the next few weekends. Many parents opt for limousine transportation to ensure the safety of their teenagers going to and from the highly anticipated high school event.

While it may seem simple to take these kids to and from the prom, it is much more complicated than that. Have you considered the consequences of having drunk passengers? Have you thought about how you will handle any fights or issues that could break out among your passengers? Now is the time to put together a contract. Nothing is more important than covering your business from the worst case scenario. As your trusty livery insurance provider, we have put together a few tips to avoid any legal issues on prom night:

• Understand that while a student under the age of 18 can call and book the limousine, a parent or guardian must accompany him or her when you arrive at the residence (in order to sign contracts.)

• Consideration should be given to having all passengers as well as one of their parents sign a consent form. This form should state the following: there will be zero-tolerance for carrying any weapons, drinking, drug-use, fighting or misbehaving in the limo. That the parties agree that should anything like this occur, certain procedures, as described in the consent form, will be followed. Also, that each parent signing this agreement will be jointly and severally liable for damages and injuries sustained as a result of the failure to adhere to these procedures.

• We suggest you reserve the right to search anyone and any bags brought into the limousine for drugs, alcohol or weapons.

• Restrict the individuals allowed into the limousine to only those that have executed a consent form.

Taking these precautions will not only benefit your passengers, but your business as well. It is not uncommon for police officers and officials to set up “spot checks” and stop limousines. If your limo is inspected and underage teens are found with illegal substances, you will be held accountable!

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure your business is ready to handle the worst case scenario. While prom should be carefree and fun, it may end up costing your company it’s reputation or money if you are not careful and prepared for the worst. The first step to safety: protecting your business with livery insurance. Feel free to contact our agency for a free quote!

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