Attention Livery Drivers: 3 Types of Affiliate Networks

Just to recap quickly, last week we discussed how to get noticed as a livery operator in order to expand your affiliate network. We shared everything from tips on how to stand out, such as arriving 15 minutes early and keeping your livery vehicle clean to being prepared to disclose your livery insurance information to affiliates in order to submit an application.

This week, we have put together a list of the three types of affiliate networks. It is important to know how each of these affiliate systems work!

#1: First program is a group of companies that know each other and share business back and forth. This is a casual program, with no contracts, applications or insurance certificates. Many times, this type of program exists in the same city or geographic area.

#2: The second program is much more formal than the first. It is a relationship between a network and affiliates bound by paperwork. They are considered “official affiliates” in the network database.

#3: The third program is a franchise agreement. This is the most formal program out of the three, mainly because it has the greatest benefits. The franchisee will benefit from this program by nationwide advertisement and access to the company computer system to place and receive orders. Talk about expansion!

Under terms, an operator can purchase a franchise from other companies. Once the initial investment is made, the franchise gives exclusive rights in a specific area and the ability to use the company logo and brand on your letterhead, business cards, website and vehicles. The livery driver will also be provided with a set of company manuals and procedures as well as corporate support of your operations for a monthly fee based on the percentage of sales.

Having a general overview of these three affiliate programs will benefit you as a livery operator.

At Wolpert Insurance, we want to make sure you are well-educated on all aspects of the livery business! We also want to make sure you are well protected. Be sure to grab a free livery insurance quote from us. We are ready to provide you with coverage such as automobile, workers compensation, general liability, employment liability and much more.


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