5 Ways to Get Noticed as a Livery Vehicle Operator!

Starting your own limousine business can be intimidating; especially with all the big guys you may be competing with! However, just because you are starting out small, does not mean you will not grow over time and make a name for yourself. The key: to get noticed and expand your affiliate network.

Once you have purchased your livery vehicle, have your livery insurance squared away and started advertising, it’s time to get noticed. Here are a few steps and tips:

• Always be 15 minutes early to a job to impress clients. If for some reason you are going to be late, it is your responsibility to call the network dispatch.

• Make sure your vehicles are always looking their best.

• Call upon large networks and establish yourself with them.

• When you call, be prepared to provide documentation and specific information in advance. This information will include: rate information, fleet information, company history, reference, etc.

• Ask to speak with an affiliate manager in order to receive an application package. Be prepared to disclose your livery insurance information, how long you have been in business, a copy of your authority to operate and client references.

• Never mention or market your own company when you are working for a network.

If you really want to get noticed, you will not mind going through these steps! While it may seem like a hassle, it is still worth a shot; it is a sure way to get noticed!

Remember, if you do get called upon and something goes wrong, the network will want protection from your insurance carrier. At Wolpert Insurance, we will be here to back you up 100% with our comprehensive livery insurance. Our program can include coverage such as automobile, workers compensation, employment liability, group automobile and much more. Contact us today for a free quote!

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