Livery Licensing Capacity Rules

Last week, we went over livery licensing rules and regulations. Another important aspect of these regulations would be capacity rules. As your trusty livery insurance provider, we would like to share these capacity rules with you so both you and your drivers do not face any legal issues.

First, a designated livery vehicle is permitted to have a capacity of 15 passengers or less. If you are driving a bus, there will be different rules pertaining to your fleet.

Second, if your vehicle has a capacity of nine passengers or more, you must file an application for the right to transport passengers for hire from the Transportation Division, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy. You can find an application form on the Transportation Division website, which should be completed and mailed along with a check or money order for a $100 application fee (made out to the Transportation Division).

We at Wolpert Insurance believe that it is important to understand all rules and regulations that pertain to your livery business; from capacity laws to the proper coverage. Lucky for Massachusetts drivers, we offer comprehensive livery insurance designed specifically for your unique business. Be sure to speak with one of our experts about your options, including automobile insurance, workers compensation, general liability, umbrella insurance, employment liability and much more.


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