ATTENTION: Livery Licensing Rules and Regulations!

As a livery operator, it is important to be aware of all livery rules and regulations to avoid running into any legal issues. Besides being covered with the proper livery insurance, it is important for your company vehicles to be properly licensed.

If you are not aware of this vital information, have no fear. Our experts at Wolpert Insurance have the facts right here for you:

• All livery drivers in Massachusetts MUST be licensed to drive the particular vehicle that they operator.

• The vehicle that you will be driving must be legal to transport passengers.

• You may register your livery vehicle with the RMV once you have obtained your Federal Tax ID number.

• You must purchase livery plates for the vehicle you will be using to transport passengers. The minimum payment will be $80 per vehicle.

• Vehicles that have seven or fewer passenger seats will be charged an additional fee of $6 per seat.

• Vehicles that have more than seven seats will be charged an additional $8 per seat.

For any other questions, concerns or simply more information, check out the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. All livery licensing issues can be handled through the RMV!

As for coverage, you can turn to us at Wolpert Insurance. We would be happy to discuss our policies designed specifically for your unique business. From automobile insurance to employment liability, our livery insurance policy will protect you from the worst case scenario!

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