Partnering with Charter Companies: 10 Quick Tips!

As a limousine driver, you should always be looking for ways to build your brand, reputation and business. One way to do this: partnering with coach companies. has offered 10 tips for those who are interested in partnering with charter companies. Here is a quick summary of these tips from MTR Western’s Darren Berg and The Driver Provider’s Jason Kaplan.

1. Shop around in order to find a coach company that understands your business and the services you provide.

2. Educate and familiarize yourself with the motorcoach business.

3. Don’t restrict yourself to the older companies. Many times, the younger and newer companies are fresh and passionate!

4. Check safety records, DOT audits and ratings before choosing a motorcoach company.

5. Consider customer expectations, make a list and make sure the motorcoach company can match your service standards.

6. Prepare a toolbox of companies to tackle different types of jobs.

7. Review pricing and negotiate. You must consider the effects that the pricing will have on your profit.

8. Look at fleet size before making a decision. If something goes wrong, you want to make sure the carrier will be able to substitute it.

9. Encourage invested drivers who will take care of the same coach each day. This way, he or she will be familiar with it and be able to take care of any maintenance issues, answer questions, etc.

10. Be involved! If you want to ensure a smooth experience for your client, you should call your partner to check in.

If this option seems appealing to you, check out the entire article here.

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