These days, it seems that all different types of businesses are jumping on the “Go Green!” bandwagon. As a professional in the livery field, you can do the same! The first step: purchase hybrid fleet vehicles. While this may be a large investment, it will pay off in the long run. To take your green initiative a step further, you should “adopt a sustainable, carbon neutral business model” according to Pat Charla, creator of the Limousine Environmental Action Partnership (LEAP).

While we may be your go-to for all livery and limo insurance questions and needs, we are also here to help you build your business and clientele. Here are a few ways to better market your green initiatives, according to LEAP:

• Get social with your clients! Make the most of your social media presence by educating your fans and followers on the importance of going green. You can provide astonishing fast facts or share news about your green efforts.

• Register yourself as a certified green company on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. Of course, you must meet the requirements.

• Advertise while on the go! Have your chauffeurs wear green pins and attire. You can also advertise your efforts in your company logo or stick a decal on your vehicles’ windows.

Besides giving your business a competitive advantage over other livery services, going green may also result in a safer work environment for you, your employees and your clients.

Once you start to successfully market your new and improved green business, you may notice a spike in the number of clients you serve. Just remember: more clients and business may mean more coverage. For more information on how your livery and limo insurance may be affected, contact our agency. We would be happy to re-evaluate your risk and liability exposures and ensure that you are 100% protected from the worst case scenario.

Happy going green!

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