What You Need to Know About Hiring Chauffeurs, Part 1

Are you looking to hire chauffeurs this summer? While many businesses do not have to put much thought behind their hires, the livery industry is different. It is important to find top-drivers who are not only capable of such a large responsibility, but are also polite and personable. It may seem impossible, but we are here to share a few secrets to finding the best candidates. Just remember: the more employees you hire, the more likely it is that your limousine insurance will need to be updated!

Here are five pieces of advice to take into consideration from www.limo.org:

#1: The company employment manual should include a description of hiring policies and procedures.

#2: All candidates must fill out an employment application. Analyze how this is done: Is it messy? Does it seem rushed? Are their answers thorough and well thought out? These can all serve as clues as to whether or not this person is organized or serious about the position.

#3: Have you thoroughly read the candidate’s resume and cover letter? It is important to know your facts before going into the interview.

#4: Prepare yourself for the interview. You may think the candidate is the one who should be prepared… think again! It is important that you have a brief summary of the company ready to share, as well as an in-depth description of the job. You should also have a list of interview questions ready to go (Tell us about yourself; Do you have previous experience as a chauffeur; Why do you consider yourself a good candidate; Etc.)

#5: Consider having another staff member interview the candidate (senior chauffeur, senior dispatcher, etc.) If you are looking to find out how the candidate takes care of their own vehicle, have the staff member walk the candidate out to their car in the parking lot.

The more chauffeurs you continue to hire, the more coverage you may need. Be sure to contact our experts at Wolpert Insurance. We would be more than happy to discuss your limousine insurance needs, from employment liability insurance to group medical, health, life and disability.

Until then, be sure to come back next week for another set of hiring best practices!


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