How to Snag Corporate Work as a Limousine Operator

Are you looking to move up in the livery business? You should be! Livery drivers should always be looking for ways to improve their status and reputation. A great way to start building your reputation is to snag corporate work. Just remember, as your business grows, so will your livery insurance policies.

Before we discuss coverage, we would like to go over a few tips that may help you build relationships with the big guys. The most important thing to remember: make a good first impression. Putting together proposal package is important and may make all the difference. In order to make a good impression, you should:

• Provide a package that includes details as to why you should get the job, regardless of what your pricing is! Make yourself stand apart from the rest.

• Include details about the history of your company, how you hire and your training procedures. You must market yourself as a true professional. You must be able to deliver what the client needs.

• Use the appropriate font on your proposal, such as bolded letters and headlines. You want the important titles and information to stand out.

• Find a way to use a creative layout to draw attention to specific types of clients.

Hopefully, these tips will have you snagging corporate work in no time! Once you do, your clientele is sure to grow.

Just remember, as you continue to grow as a livery operator, so will your coverage. Be sure to speak with our experts at Wolpert Insurance for more information on industry-specific policies, such as automobile insurance, workers compensation, occupational accident insurance, EPLI, group automobile programs and much more. We would be happy to provide you with a free livery insurance quote, too!

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