Choosing the Right Livery Vehicle: Corporate vs. Retail

As the owner of a livery vehicle or fleet, it is no secret that this industry is made up of two major segments: corporate and retail. However, those who are new to the industry may not be as educated on this! As your livery insurance experts and provider, we have a few pointers that are crucial to know before you go and choose a vehicle. First, it is important to figure out which market you are going to target.


For those who are aiming for a retail market, it is important to choose a vehicle that has diverse applications. For the most part, a white-stretch limousine is the best option. They have a variety of interiors that could suit weddings, proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays and more. However, until your company is established and financially secure, it is best to stay away from SUVs and expensive details. Between fuel and expensive repairs, it is best to work your way up. If you are unsure about a cool feature, ask yourself four questions

1. How difficult is it to operate this feature?

2. How easily may this part break apart?

3. Can I easily replace this piece?

4. How much will it cost to replace this?


If you are looking to target the corporate side of the industry, you are in luck. Corporate vehicles are generally easier to choose and much less expensive. To start, it is smart to look into sedans or even SUVs. It is also important to consider what your passengers will feel most comfortable in. Many prefer SUVs because they are higher up and have good storage space for luggage. Once your business is up and running, then you may look into stretch limousines, preferably black or dark in color for the corporate world.

Once you figure out which market to target, you can go ahead and start looking at vehicles!

Choosing reliable livery insurance is just as important as it is to choose the proper fleet vehicles. At Wolpert Insurance, we have put together unique and comprehensive limo and livery insurance solutions. We offer programs such as automobile insurance, discounted workers compensation, employment liability, umbrella insurance, and much more. We are dedicated to protecting your specific business needs, and you should be too!

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