Choose Your Livery Vehicle & Livery Insurance Wisely!

When a driver goes to choose a livery vehicle, a lot of factors may
run through their mind. It is not just a question of which vehicle looks
sharp; there are a variety of factors that play into the final
decision. It is important to consider whether the driver wants a new
vehicle, old vehicle, what type of vehicle, length, style and much more.
With all these decisions to be made, it may be hard to even start
thinking about the livery insurance you will need to go with it!

So how do you go about choosing the perfect vehicle to add to your
fleet? It is important to follow a few guidelines and do the research.
Here are a few tips to get you started:

• First, do not be fooled by the price. If the price sounds too
good to be true, it most likely is. There may be issues with the
vehicle’s parts, engine or more. The last thing you need is a cheap
vehicle that will cost more to fix up every few months.

• Make sure the company that you purchase your vehicle from has manufacturers and garage keepers insurance.

• Ask questions about the materials that the vehicle is made from. They should be of high quality.

• Research the company and make sure they have a good reputation
and a strong warranty program. If they cannot stand behind their
product, that is a bad sign.

There is much more to discuss when it comes to purchasing the right livery vehicle.
This process is going to require a little research and patience, but it
is much better to have a headache now rather than having a headache
after you have purchased a faulty vehicle.

At Wolpert Insurance, we believe that having the perfect vehicles in
your fleet is a priority. If you are not aware of the many options and
factors that should be taken into consideration, you may not end up with
the best product possible. Choosing reliable coverage is just as
important; our area of expertise. Remember to come speak with us about a
livery insurance policy once you come to a final decision.

Still having trouble choosing a vehicle? Be sure to come back next
week for more information on whether your company needs a corporate or
retail vehicle!

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