NYC TRIP: Should Officers Be Able to Search a Passenger in a Livery Vehicle?

As a livery operator, whether you drive a taxi or limousine, you know that safety comes first. As a result, you always have the passenger’s best interest in mind and make sure you are properly covered with livery insurance. However, there just may be cases where safety is taken too far. Are you aware of the NYC TRIP case and ruling?

As you know, the TRIP program is in place in order to help and protect livery cab drivers. With issues like robbery and even murder, it is crucial to have such a procedure in place. However, recent incidents have lead to the question of whether or not officers are taking this policy too far.

By having the TRIP decal on the window of a taxi cab, police officers claim to have the right to stop the vehicle and inspect at any time. While the plaintiffs involved in the case are okay with this regulation, they are not too keen on the passenger treatment after the stop. The two passengers involved, Mr. Battle and Mr. Pujara, have stated that the officers have taken their job too far by searching them without any reason to believe that either had committed a criminal act. The cop continued with the search and explained that any passenger in a vehicle marked with a TRIP decal can and will be searched, because it is routine.

While both men were freed to go without any charges or offenses, they were not happy about being searched. Both men have filed a complaint against the officers claiming abuse of authority.

As a livery operator, what do you think about this? Do you believe that taxi or limousine passengers should be treated this way? While the safety of all drivers is important. this is more of a question of liberty and rights.

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