Driving Safety Part 2: Are You at Fault?

Last week, we went over 10 different accidents in which you would be
over 50% at fault. While we wish there were only 10 ways, there is still
another round of faults to go through. At Wolpert Insurance, we believe
it is important to go through these scenarios, especially if you are
the owner of a livery vehicle or company in Massachusetts. If you can
avoid being at fault, you may be able to avoid a costly lawsuit or bill.
For those times that you are at fault, a well thought out and
strategically designed livery insurance program should kick in to cover

#1: Leaving or exiting from a parked position, parking lot, alley or driveway

#2: Opened or opening vehicle doors

#3: Single vehicle collision

#4: Failure to obey the rules and regulations for driving

#5: Unattended vehicle collision: If a car rolls down a hill and causes a collision with another vehicle, the unattended driver will be more than 50% at fault.

#6: Collision while merging onto a highway or into a rotary

#7: Non-contract operator causing collision: Those who are not involved in an accident but have CAUSED an accident with other vehicles will be held liable.

#8: Failure to yield the right of way to emergency vehicles when required by law

#9: Collision at a “T” intersection

Now that you are well aware of these faulty maneuvers, it is time to spread the word to your drivers. As a livery company owner, it is your responsibility to make sure each driver is educated and careful while on the road, with or without passengers.

If you are concerned about your coverage, have no fear. Our experts at Wolpert Insurance will be sure to assess your risks and keep you properly covered from the worst case scenario.

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