Insure Your Fleet: Protecting Your Livery Operators in the Event of an Accident

At Wolpert Insurance, our goal is to provide the livery market with protection they can trust. As specialists in limo and group auto coverage, we can configure an exceptionally competitive insurance program for those in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine.

Do you know what to do if one or multiple vehicles that you own are caught in accident? According to the Amesbury News, there are some rules and regulations to follow if your driver does experience a disaster while driving on the road.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has recorded that more than 140,000 crashes occur annually in Massachusetts, and only about 300 are filed to the State. This proves that a crash can happen anywhere and at any time. This is why the police stress the importance of wearing safety belts. In addition, while taking precautions to prevent a crash, you should also know what to do afterwards:

Leaving the scene is criminal

If one of your livery operators is involved in a crash, regardless of how serious, they should not leave. Leaving the scene can result in a criminal summons to court and significant penalties if convicted. You are required to exchange your name, address, license, and insurance information with the other party involved. If you hit a parked car, you must make an effort to locate the owner. The best practice to follow is to contact police and the officers will assist with the exchange of paperwork and answer questions you may have.

Mandatory paperwork

When the damage in a crash exceeds $1000 or there is an injury or fatality, you must file a State Crash Report within 5 days. The crash report form is on the Registry of Motor Vehicles website. A copy must be submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, one is sent to the police agency with jurisdiction and your insurance company will need one too. You’ll be asked to provide information about you, your vehicle and the others involved. You’ll also be asked to draw a diagram of the crash and write a few sentences describing what happened.

If your vehicles are involved in an accident, it is important to alert your coverage provider immediately. In addition, being in a unique industry requires a specialized policy, which is why we offer livery insurance, and strive to work with commercial livery companies that know and value the business.

With the Livery Exchange Program, your auto insurance coverage protects your fleet of your limos, taxis, and more. We cover important livery components such as safety and loss control services or physical damage on rented autos. In addition, our group auto insurance helps cover many people at a time and many vehicles. Are you interested in our customizable options? Contact the Wolpert Insurance team today and learn how you can secure comprehensive coverage solutions for your livery fleet!

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