Livery 101: The Difference Between Taxicabs and Limos

Do you own a taxi cab? Manage a fleet of limousines? Well, there are a few considerations one must be aware of before launching your livery business—and that begins with knowing the difference between the various commercial passenger vehicles.

The Taxicab

A taxicab, quite simply, is a car fitted with a taximeter and traditionally is hired, along with the driver, to carry passengers to specific destinations for a fee. The taximeter, which is typically the unique differentiating aspect of a cab, determines the final fee for transfer; based on the time and distance covered during a passenger’s ride.

The Limousine

On the other hand, a limousine serves a slightly different purpose. Whether you refer to the movies – where limos are depicted as a luxurious means of travel, often operated by a perfectly poised chauffer – or you think back to your high school prom, where you all crammed in the back, fiddling with the partition (which in reality is installed to protect the drivers safety, not necessarily for passenger privacy). However, like taxicabs, limousines also pick up and transfer passengers to various locations, chosen by the client.

No matter what your livery business includes – taxicabs, limos or both – you need specialized coverage that takes into consideration the distinct risks your industry faces. Standard limo insurance programs can offer your business:

General Liability Coverage
Commercial Auto Liability
Hired and Non-Owned Auto, Uninsured / Underinsured Motorists
Medical Payment and Personal Injury
Physical Damage Coverage Based on Amount of Insurance
And more…
Interested in learning more about the coverages designed to protect your livery business? At Wolpert Insurance, we are experts when it comes to limo insurance. We are ready to work with you to secure you the specialized protection you need, at the most competitive rate. From workers compensation to liability insurance, rest easy that your vehicle, the driver and its passengers will be safe and secure.

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