Are Your Limousines Safe?

When owning and operating a livery company, it is important to make sure your vehicles are protected with the best security possible. This is to not only keep your drivers safe, but your passengers as well. The community you serve relies on you to get them from one place to another in a timely, safe fashion. Don’t let them down by not installing the proper safety features or by failing to have limo insurance. This could result in financial devastation should an accident or injury occur.

Did you know that the Secret Service is looking for a new armored limo? The proposal calls for a newly designed armored limo built “in accordance with [classified] government-provided specifications.” Whoever the automaker is that takes on the project, they will develop a concept, design its armor, conduct armor system modeling and simulation, develop an engine, and eventually test the limo with live fire exercises. The manufacturer that can meet all the government’s requirements will be rewarded a fixed-price contract for the livery vehicle. The Department of Homeland Security intends to begin this contract by September 29, 2013.

Are your limos as secure as the President’s? Perhaps not, but there are ways you can keep your clients comfortable and secure so they feel just as important as the President. What should each of your vehicles include in order to keep operators and customers safe? Here are just some features that will help reduce the risk of mishaps going to and from a destination:

Certified Air Bags
Traction Control
Seat Belts for every Passenger and Driver
Blind-Sport Warning
Backup Camera
Alarm System
GPS System
Tire Pressure Monitors
Proper Registration
A DriveCam
At Wolpert Insurance, we believe that along with having these safety features, your livery service deserves to be protected with comprehensive and affordable coverage. Therefore, our specialists in the limo insurance sector can configure an exceptionally competitive program for those in New England. Let us provide you with a customized level of service, professional knowledge and expertise today!

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