The Importance of Not Speeding While Transporting Passengers in Your Limo

Have you wondered what sort of effect speeding may have on your livery company? Speeding poses many dangerous hazards to not just your limos, but to other vehicles on the road, passengers in your limo, and pedestrians. Did you know speeding causes one-third of accidents each year in the U.S.? As the owner and operator of a local limo company in Massachusetts, you may want to immerse yourself in some speeding facts or else risk filing a claim on your livery insurance.

In 1995, Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Law, allowing state governments to decide what their maximum speed limit is. Since that time, over thirty states have raised speed limits to 70mph or more. When experts weigh in, they contend that as speed limits increase, so do deaths. Some suggest that since motorists are likely to go five or ten miles over the limit anyway, increasing them doesn’t make much sense or benefit anyone.

But how does this tie into driving a limo? It’s simple. You and your drivers are performing a service, and that doesn’t only include getting customers from point A to point B. A large part of driving and being in charge of a limo is making sure you’re keeping passengers safe from harm. If you or one of your drivers is speeding, how are you watching out for passenger safety?

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) website, Massachusetts’ maximum speed limit for all vehicles either in rural or urban areas is 65mph. To be safe, we recommend telling drivers to stay within these limits. Besides, who wants to be in a speeding limo while they’re trying to relax in the cabin?

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management we hope that you take our advice seriously when it comes to educating your drivers on speeding. For more information on speeding and how it factors into Massachusetts law, give us a call today.

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