Training Your Employees to have Heightened Awareness

At Wolpert Insurance, we are keeping the victims of the recent Boston Marathon tragedies in our hearts and minds. We pray that officials will resolve the situation soon, and for now, we are committed to remaining strong and showing our support Boston.

Due to such threatening events, the National Limousine Association is offering a “Heightened Awareness Alert” guide for front line staff, including chauffeurs and limousine drivers. Does your livery company have a plan in place during times of heightened awareness? If not, then you should establish one so your employees can remain safe and out of harm’s way during a catastrophe.

Although terrorist attacks may not target limousine companies directly, you should still take precautionary action, especially since your customers may be traveling to the spots being targeted. As an owner operator, you need to train your drivers to be observant and helpful to officials by following the rule, “If you see something, say something.”

When creating a training course for your employees, you should make sure each lesson helps them prepare for personal safety hazards. First, make sure they have a firm grasp on the area they will be servicing. Each employee should be able to find appropriate destinations for customers, be proficient in map reading, know regional area safe/danger zones, and find emergency facilities in case a mishap occurs.

Since your staff works mostly alone and interacts with the public at all hours, they are at an increased risk for accidents and harm. This is why when they should always wear their seatbelts and practice safe driving techniques. Other security measures that can be taken are keeping the doors locked and windows up when parked. Also, if a driver is unfamiliar with the surroundings, they should keep the vehicle running during a pickup.

Using safety devices such as partitions or shields that separate the driver’s area from the passenger area will help avoid dangerous situations. In addition, installing security cameras, emergency signs, and panic buttons can keep drivers safe during times of heightened awareness. With the proper training, your chauffeurs can avoid accidents, injuries, liability issues, and more, especially during times like this.

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