What Are the Three Most Costly Limo Insurance Claims?

No company likes to deal with costly limo insurance claims, but sometimes things happen that may necessitate them. If you and your drivers are trying to avoid any substantial fees and costs from your insurance after an accident or collision, it may be wise to educate yourself on what types of incidents cost the most. Thankfully, our agency has the information you need on the three most costly limo insurance claims:

Left-hand turns: Accidents that occur when a left-hand turn is made into oncoming traffic can be either head-on or T-bone accidents. When these occur, serious injuries to the passengers can happen to all vehicles involved. In order to avoid these types of incidents, make sure your drivers know that it often takes longer to make these left-hand turns into oncoming traffic than normal sized vehicles.

Intersection crashes: Accidents at intersections are normally costly because they usually involve multiple vehicles. Passenger injuries can occur as well. In order to minimize the risk of being involved in an intersection collision, try not to speed through a yellow light in hopes of making it before it turns red.

Pedestrian hits: Hitting a pedestrian, whether they’re walking or riding a bicycle, is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to a limo company. Pedestrian collisions can happen at any time, even when your driver is paying attention. Sometimes, pedestrians jay-walk, cross between parked cars, or even exit cars without looking and can distract themselves enough that they don’t notice other cars moving towards them. Make sure your drivers are staying alert and are trained to look out for these types of situations.

At Wolpert Insurance & Risk Management,we help limo services get the information and livery insurance they need. If you have any more questions about how accidents affect your premiums, give us a call today and we’ll help you.

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