The Basics of Limousine Customer Service

As a customer-based business, a lot of your company’s success relies on customer satisfaction. If a customer has a great experience riding in one of your limos, they may be inclined to recommend your services to a friend. On the other hand, if they have an unpleasant experience, they’ll also tell people they know and may give your company a bad reputation. In order to maintain an excellent level of customer service, it’s necessary that your drivers know how to treat customers in a respectful and pleasant manner. Our limo insurance agency has the information you’re looking for.

All limo companies have varying approaches when it comes to customer service, but in the end it usually boils down to a few common areas. Here are some ways you can teach your drivers to be more respectable when chauffeuring customers:

• Be polite: Using simple courtesy with a client is easy and should always be done. Always address a customer formally unless they request otherwise and always open and close the car door for them. Before leaving the initial departure point, confirm the arrival address and any departure times with the client to avoid any mix-ups. It’s a good idea to carry business cards with you that include a phone number/email address where you can be reached in case your client needs you.
• Accepting tips: As a courtesy and thank you for a job well done, many of your clients will offer you a tip. It’s necessary to remember that tipping is customary to some companies, but not all. Remember that if a client does not tip you, it doesn’t mean they were dissatisfied with the service. They may just be accustomed to tipping or simply forgot. Never, under any circumstances, ask for a tip.
• Privacy: Regardless of how long a client has been using your services, a main component of limousine driver etiquette is maintaining a degree of silence concerning their actions or conversations while in the limo. Obviously, if your client does anything illegal then you should take the necessary action, however any personal details or actions of your client should always remain private. Keeping the confidence of customers will help your company down the road.

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