All You Need to Know About Inspecting a Used Livery Vehicle

Purchasing a used vehicle may always seem like a gamble; buyers never know what they are getting into! This is exceptionally true when it comes to purchasing a used limousine. Unlike a family vehicle, livery vehicles go through much more rigorous routines, leaving more room for mechanical issues and damages. While you may have reliable livery insurance to fall back on, it is still a pain to have to deal with used-car issues.

Before you purchase a used livery vehicle, it is important to carefully check all items and parts. Here is a helpful list put together by the National Limousine Association to guide you through this process:

1. Engine: The most important part of the vehicle! It is important to listen for any odd noises, check for leaks, check the oil, coolant, all belts and hoses, warning lights that may be on and the cooling system.

2. Driveline and suspension: All drive links and carrier bearings should be properly lubricated. Check the springs, suspension bags, steering assembly, tires and brakes.

3. Exterior: Is the paint cracked or flaking? A new paint job may be necessary. Always check for any signs of rusting as well and do not forget the door handles!

4. Interior: The carpets, seats, belts and overall condition on the inside should still look new. Any signs of tearing, fading or worn-out items should raise a red flag.

5. Transmission: Always check all fluids and make sure there are no signs of leakage. When driving the vehicle, shifting should be smooth.

6. Electrical: All lights, switches, flashers, power seats, interior lights, stereos, TVs and warning signs should be properly working. It is also important to make sure all vents are clean and the air/heating systems are good to go. Your passengers will need to feel comfortable inside your limo.

If the used-vehicle passes this careful inspection, you should be good to go! This process may take time but it is much better to put in the effort now rather than dealing with a faulty vehicle down the line.

Once you have purchased your “new” vehicle, it is crucial to look into reliable coverage. At Wolpert Insurance, we can provide your company with our distinct livery insurance. We offer automobile coverage, workers compensation, employment liability, general liability and a variety of other products and services for your business. If you are interested in grabbing a free quote, do not hesitate to contact our insurance experts!

Good luck with your used-car search!

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